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Together We Smile

Our Mission

To provide rehabilitation for the disenfranchised adults of our community through dental implant treatment and vocational career opportunities.

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Our Roots

Dental health has a strong impact on a person’s comprehensive health and well-being, but it is not easily accessible or affordable to a large portion of people in our community. We are seeking to improve quality of life within our community by providing rehabilitation for low-income, homeless, and veteran populations through affordable and even free dental care.
Beyond physical treatment, it can be very difficult for members of these populations to secure employment above minimum wage that is able to cover basic living expenses or provide for a family. Together We Smile partners with Star Dental Institute to provide hands-on vocational training through paid internships that will create marketable employment abilities and establish strong career opportunities.

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An integral part of our mission is training. We provide continuing education for doctors, and on-the-job training for those interested in the dental field. Our patients benefit from these training opportunities because they don't have to pay for any services received during our classes.

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Homeless Outreach

Together We Smile is based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado, where homelessness is a prevalent and challenging issue. We want to do our part to help, and we love giving people their smiles back. Having a smile to be proud of can be life-changing, and we see it in our office every day.

Veteran Care

At Together We Smile, we are dedicated to providing care for our veterans. We feel that it is our duty to serve those who have served our nation. We are proud to be partnered with Star Dental Institute, who is the premier dental provider for veterans in the Colorado Springs area.

Veteran Memorial Service
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Get Involved

Our work is made possible by generous donations from the dental community, medical community, and other friends. We also are very grateful for our partnerships with local organizations like the Dream Centers, Mary’s Home, Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center, Rocky Mountain Health Care Services, Springs Rescue Mission, and others who partner in our work to better the health and well-being of our community.

"A genuine smile comes from the heart, but a healthy smile needs good dental care."

Wayne Chirisa

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